Serving customers since 1946

Umatilla, Morrow, Benton, Franklin, & Walla Walla Counties.


From 50 to 1000+ feet, we have drilled water wells of all depths for all types of customers across Northeast Oregon and Southeast Washington.


Is what you get. We pride ourselves on accurate estimates and no surprise change orders to get your well drilled. Our area experience is second to none.


We are happy to answer your questions and help problem solve your well issues. Not only are we a business, we’re your neighbors too.

A Legacy of Drilling

It started with two brothers…

Two brothers were on their way to the TriCities to make a new life drilling. They stopped in Hermiston to drill for friends and they never left. There was so many wells to be drilled they sent for their younger brother in Oklahoma who settled in Hermiston as well. The younger brother and his son became Brown and Brown’s, which served the area into the 80s when the name was changed to Waterwell Developing & Surveys.

A few things we’re great at

Because of our long family history in the area, we have learned the best techniques for drilling here. We have drilled for families, individuals, businesses, and more. Our service area includes Hermiston, Umatilla, Irrigon, Pendleton, Plymouth, Kennewick, Richland, Benton City, Pasco, Walla Walla, Burbank and more!


We give you honest pricing, honest answers, and we are members of state and national groundwater organizations. We stand behind our work and do the best for our customers.


Our drillers have a combined 50+ years of experience to pull from when drilling your well. Our employees go through continuing education classes each year to broaden their knowledge as well.


We take satisfaction in a job well done and want to give our customers the best well that will have the longest usability. We protect the resource while fulfilling the needs of our customers.


We pride ourselves on making drilling an efficient process. We don’t cut corners, and we don’t eschew safety, but we don’t waste time either.


More than drilling…

We offer more than just drilling new wells. Check out our expanded offerings:


We have a downhole camera van that travels all over the Northwest to inspect wells.


We offer well cleaning using a very specific type of explosive to free well screens of build-up.


We offer the ability to deepen and enlarge wells to maximize your well’s output.

See Us In Action:

Here are a few photos of our rig and crew doing the dirty work: drilling!

Contact us

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