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Waterwell Developing & Surveys, LLC

We have been in business in the greater Hermiston area since 1946. Originally called Brown & Brown Drilling, we changed to Waterwell Developing & Surveys in the 1980s. In 2017 we changed structure to an LLC, and continue to serve our local community and those around us. Waterwell Developing & Surveys is owned and operated by a 4th generation well driller. We pride ourselves on our work and look forward to helping more people get clean water for their homes, livestock, and irrigation purposes. You can read more about how our business started at the bottom of this page.

A licensed and bonded water well drilling company, we hold licenses in both Oregon & Washington. We are here to help you drill a new commercial or domestic well, as well as redevelop, camera, or clean existing wells.

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Areas we serve with our drilling rig:

Where it started:

Two brothers were on their way to the TriCities from Oklahoma to make a new life drilling. They stopped in Hermiston to drill for friends and they never left. One well turned to a second, a third, a fourth. There was so many wells to be drilled in the growing area, they sent for their younger brother in Oklahoma who settled in Hermiston as well. The younger brother and his son became Brown and Brown’s, which served the area into the 80s when the name was changed to Waterwell Developing & Surveys. Ed Brown and his son Brandon then drilled until 2017, when Brandon purchased the business to continue the legacy of drilling, and let his dad retire!

Currently Brandon and his wife manage two rigs and a handful of employees drilling in the area they call home, while raising their children.


The Browns on vacation.