About Us

Waterwell Developing & Surveys, LLC

We have been in business in the greater Hermiston area since 1946. Originally called Brown & Brown Drilling, we changed to Waterwell Developing & Surveys in the 1980s. In 2017 we changed structure to an LLC, and continue to serve our local community and those around us. Waterwell Developing & Surveys is owned and operated by a 4th generation well driller. We pride ourselves on our work and look forward to helping more people get clean water for their homes, livestock, and irrigation purposes.

A licensed and bonded water well drilling company, we hold licenses in both Oregon & Washington. We are here to help you drill a new commercial or domestic well, as well as redevelop, camera, or clean existing wells.

Call us today for more information 541-922-6372, or visit our FAQ page.

Areas we serve with our drilling rig: